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By directing the life force within each of us, you can bring about rewarding benefits physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Come inside and learn how Subtle Energy Body can enhance your overall vitality and well-being.
"A wise person turns chance into good fortune."
- Thomas Fuller
Vortex Energy It is an essential part of your physiology. Some cultures know this energy as Ch’i, Prana, or Chakra. This energy is also referred to as your body’s Life Force. Although it can’t be perceived by any of the five basic senses, this dynamic energy is part of every living being. For centuries cultures all over the world have been controlling this energy to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.
Planet Earth is like a giant magnet and just like the Earth all creatures living on the land and swimming in the oceans have positive, negative and neutral centers. Polarity is simply the variance of the energy patterns that flow between these centers.
Maintaining the balance of Vortex Energy throughout these Polarity Centers is vital to the congruence and dynamism of every living thing. Environmental conditions that many of us are exposed to each day interrupt the natural balance of energy in our bodies. We'll show you how to improve your whole-body harmony and happiness.
You'll be amazed at what Subtle Energy Body can do for your welfare and contentment. Check us out and start feeling better today!
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